The Discovery of Arkanium

When Arkanium was discovered, it revolutionized life in The Kingdom of Teutonia and Regalis. A potent, magical substance, both nations consumed it in vast quantities to feed their war machines.

Mutagens and Artifice Brains

The Teutonian Tinkermeisters processed Arkanium to create Artifice Brains, the enchanted devices that serve as the semi-sentient core of their robotic armies. The Regalis Alchemists discovered that Arkanium was also a powerful mutagen, and experimented with its affects on local creatures to grow the young nation’s military might.

The Battle for Tenshii

Just recently, explorers discovered the Tenshii Archipelago, a volatile, untamed land occupied by the native tribes of the shamanistic Tenshii League, and perhaps home to the richest deposits of Arkanium ever discovered. As the Teutonian and Regalis war machines close in on the archipelago, the Tenshii Summoners desperately prepare for the spectacular clash of civilizations about to happen in their lands.